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Off-Leash Dog Park - Rainier Woods


  1. Dog Park

This off-leash dog park is located at Rainier Woods Park, west of the basketball courts.


This is your park, please help by observing the following rules:

  • Dogs only
  • Use plastic bags to clean up after your dog
  • Keep your dog from digging holes
  • Have your dog legally licensed and vaccinated
  • Remain in the park with your dog
  • Be respectful of all users of the area
  • Remove spiked, choke or pinch collars after entering the park
  • Stop bothersome activity immediately
  • No dogs under 4 months of age
  • No female dogs in heat
  • Keep control of your dog at all times
  • Handlers must be 16 years or older
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Maximum of 2 dogs per handler
  • No food or drink in the off-leash area
  • Keep your dog leashed when not in the off-leash area

Users of the off-leash area do so at their own risk. Owners shall be liable for any injury or damage caused by their dog in the off-leash area.