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Stormwater Quiz - June 2017

  1. Test Your Stormwater Knowledge
    Puyallup averages nearly 40 inches of rain per year - from fall to summer, we see rain all year. There are many ways to help keep our local waters and Puget Sound healthy - let's see what you know already. Complete the quiz below to receive this month's give-away item. Your answers each month help us gauge public understanding of stormwater and help meet Stormwater Permit requirements.
  2. scoop pet waste
  3. PSSH Coaster car
  4. June's Incentive Give-away
    This month's give-away is TWO FREE car wash coupons. Good at various attended car wash locations around Puget Sound-including Classy Chassis here in Puyallup-make your car happy and clean while protecting our local streams.
  5. Program open to City of Puyallup residents only. One monthly prize per person, maximum 2 per household.
  6. 1. What is it in car wash runoff that is harmful to fish and aquatic life? *
  7. 2. Wash water runoff would need to be sudsy and full of soap to harm fish (True/False): *
  8. 3. How many vehicles are registered in Washington?*
  9. (fill in the blank)
  10. Contact Information
    Thank you for taking the quiz. Enter your full contact information below to verify City of Puyallup residence to receive your prize.
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