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Submit Your Stormwater Disconnection

  1. Submit Your Disconnection From the Stormwater System!
    Have you installed a rain garden, porous pavers, or a rain barrel at your home? Tell us about it! Use this form to share with us as much information as you'd like. We'll add it to our disconnect count and you will be helping the city reach its disconnect goal of reducing Puyallup's residential stormwater runoff and its impacts on our streams, river and Puget Sound.
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  4. Type of Feature(s) Installed
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  6. Describe the number of downspouts or roof area connected to rain garden, or driveway or sidewalk runoff directed to rain garden.
  7. Please describe any downspouts that are connected to your rain barrel and the size of the barrel (gallons, or liters). Or, if not connected to roof downspouts, what is the diameter of the barrel?
  8. (e.g. 10'x4')
  9. Location or Use
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  11. If you have any other information you would like to share about your disconnect feature or project, please tell us!
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