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    By affixing my electronic signature below, I hereby declare under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the State of Washington, that the name(s) and/or documents provided to me in this data shall not be used for any commercial purposes in violation of State law by myself or any organization I represent, and I will not allow access to this information by anyone who may use it for purposes of contacting individuals names therein or otherwise personally affecting them in the furtherance of any profit-seeking activity.

    I understand that if documents are not claimed within 30 days, reapplication and prepayment will be required including previous fee(s).

    Note:  Upon receipt of this request, the court will process those items which can be disclosed as soon as possible.  Before any information can be released, this form must be completed and payment of applicable fees - per local court rule:  PUMCLR 9.1 or LGR 2.3.*

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