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  1. Downtown Parking Study Form

    The City of Puyallup is conducting a study of parking in downtown Puyallup. If you would like to stay in the loop on the Downtown... More…

  2. Sign Up to Receive Updates on the Comp Plan Update

    The City is undergoing a major update to the Comprehensive Plan. Have a question or want to stay updated on the update? Fill out this... More…

  3. Website Problem and/or Suggestion

    Report a problem or provide a suggestion

  1. Meridian Streetscapes Project - Sign Up to Stay Informed

    The City is working to identify new ways to enhance the character, aesthetic, and functionality of streets in Downtown Puyallup and... More…

  2. Special Event Customer Feedback - First half

    Survey to collect feedback on the customer service received during the first half of the special event application process.