How many bathrooms is the center permitted for?
The building at 414 Spring St. has four operational bathrooms. Two of these are located in the area designated as the public space of the building while two others are within a separate area denoted for storage. By law, a minimum of two public-use restrooms is required for this occupancy level. The two public restrooms were inspected as part of the recent permit work, although no structural upgrades were needed or performed in those spaces. (Note: This building was originally constructed in 1947 and the city’s permit records are unclear as to exactly when the different restrooms were installed.)

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1. How many bathrooms is the center permitted for?
2. The center’s certificate of occupancy allows a maximum of 79 persons in the building at one time. Is there a specific square-foot requirement per occupant?
3. What about parking—how can the center be allowed a 79-person occupancy yet have so few parking spaces? Isn’t it possible that visitors to the center will park on neighborhood streets?
4. How was this drop-in center use initially permitted at this site, from a zoning standpoint?
5. How was the change of use permitted and how did the occupancy load change?