Are there other requirements?

Yes the following requirements must be met: - Resident of the City of Puyallup or a Non-Washington Resident - 21 years of age or older at the time of application - Be a United States citizen or a permanent resident alien with a permanent resident card (Green Card) - No pending trial, appeal or sentencing on a prohibitive charge - No outstanding warrants for any charge, from any court - No court order or injunction against possessing a firearm - No mental health prohibitors - No felony convictions - No convictions for any of the following crimes when committed by one family member against another on or after July 1, 1993: - Assault IV - Coercion - Stalking - Reckless Endangerment - Criminal Trespass in the first degree - Violation of the provisions of a protection order or no contact order restraining the person or excluding the person from the residence

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1. When do I need to have a concealed pistol license?
2. Where do I apply for a concealed pistol license?
3. What are application hours?
4. Is there a background check?
5. Are there other requirements?
6. How long does it take before I receive my license?
7. What documents will I need to bring with me?
8. How long is my concealed pistol license valid?
9. How do I renew my concealed pistol license?
10. What if I lose my concealed pistol license?
11. Does Washington have reciprocity for Concealed Pistol Licenses with any other states?