Salmon Springs Main Replacement, Phase I

This project was completed in January, 2017. Phase II project information is now available.
Project Update:
Workers installed approximately 600 lineal feet of water main parallel to the old line that had originally been installed in 1906. The old line is still in use at this time as well. Plant monitoring will be ongoing for the next six years.

Phase II is currently in the process of collecting Statement of Qualifications.
Project Information

​Salmon Springs supplies 60%+ of the water for the city's water system. This transmission main is the oldest and important infrastructure in the City of Puyallup's water system. Due to the age and critical nature of this transmission main, the City is proposing to construct a new transmission main. This will be accomplished by tying into the 16-inch ductile pipe that was replaced in 1997 south of the concrete dam and following a new alignment down to the existing chlorination compound. The existing portion of transmission main that will be bypassed will remain in place to maintain service during construction, to provide redundancy in case of a landslide or seismic event, and to minimize ground disturbance and vegetation removal in sensitive areas.

​Competitive bids were opened on May 9th. Seven bids were received. WHH Nisqually was determined to be the low, responsive and responsible bidder for the project.

Salmon Springs 1
Salmon Springs 2