Criminal Investigations Division

  1. Visnaw

    Jason Visnaw

    Captain, Criminal Investigations Division

The mission of the Criminal Investigations Division is to provide thorough investigations using teamwork, proactive strategies, forensic technology and regional partnerships. 
The Criminal Investigations Division is divided into two units: 

  • Investigative Services Unit (ISU) - The Investigative Services Unit is responsible for follow up investigations on criminal allegations involving crimes against persons and property. Examples of crimes against persons investigated by ISU detectives include: robbery, kidnapping, rape, domestic violence, elder and child abuse, burglary, theft, arson, fraud and more.
  • Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) - The Crime Suppression Unit is made up of both detectives and officers and are assigned the follow up and investigation of chronic community issues. CSU is a highly proactive team that work to have an impact on emerging crime trends, street-level narcotics enforcement and repeat offenders. The unit also works to impact retail theft, problem houses, public disorder crimes and auto crimes. 
The Criminal Investigations Division also oversees property and evidence for the Puyallup Police Department. PPD employs one full-time, civilian Property and Evidence Technician.