39th Ave SW Widening

The 39th Avenue SW from 11th to 17th is the last remaining portion of 39th (112th) to be widened.

​Work includes installation of pervious concrete sidewalks, pervious concrete roadway, Portland cement concrete intersections, asphalt paving, two new signal systems, illumination system, signal interconnect system, and new side sewer connections on several properties. Besides widening 39th between 11th and 17th, the project will provide for a U-turn for west bound cars on 39th just before 11th, will add a second left turn lane northbound on 14th and will overlay 17th north of 39th.
Project Update for October 2016:
​Olson Brother has started construction. There is a lot to clean-up however, the project is back on track and Olson Brothers is moving ahead.
39th Ave Updated
39th Ave Update 2