Sidewalk Link and Repair Program

Pervious Concrete Sample
As convenient as driving is, walking connects us to a place in a way that driving simply does not. Sidewalks make it easier (and more safe) to travel on foot, but they're not just for walking--they're also for experiencing our surroundings in a more up-close and personal way. They can facilitate community interactions as we encounter our neighbors, and sometimes their pets, too!

The Sidewalk Link and Repair Program is designed to enhance walkability and improve pedestrian safety. Its two aims--to construct sidewalks where needed, and to fix sidewalks in need of repair--are meant to benefit everyone, from our youngest students to our eldest seniors.

In extending from one place to another, sidewalks connect schools to residences, businesses to parks, the fairgrounds to the rest of the valley. They help connect our places, and in doing so, they help connect those who live, work and visit here.

Budgets and Project Lists

Puyallup's 2015, 2016 and 2017 Capital Budgets included funding for sidewalk links and repairs. The project lists for each year were prioritized according to citizen input and a staff analysis of existing gaps and needed repairs.

Annual Sidewalk Link Program by Year

With City Council approval, the following sidewalk gap locations were identified for design and construction:

2015 Sidewalk Link Project

  1. Wildwood Park Drive - East sidewalk link from Ferrucci Junior High School to Manorwood Drive SE.
  2. 25th Street SE - West sidewalk link at the intersection of E Pioneer Ave and 25th Street SE.
  3. 7th Avenue SE - 45-foot sidewalk panel repair just east of 7th Street SE and curb ramp upgrades at intersection of 7th Avenue SE/10th Street SE.
  4. E Main Avenue - North sidewalk link east of the Linden Lane Apartment Homes.
  5. 15th Avenue SW - South sidewalk link from 5th Street SW to Fairfield Inn Driveway Entrance

2016 Sidewalk Link Project (Anticipated Construction Year: 2018)

  1. 7th Avenue SE - North sidewalk link between 13th Street SE and 14th Street SE with curb ramp upgrades at the intersection of 7th Ave SE/13th Street SE and 7th Ave SE/14th Street SE.
  2. 5th Avenue SE - North and south sidewalk links between 14th Street SE and 15th Street SE with curb ramp upgrades at the intersection of 5th Avenue SE/14th Street SE and 5th Avenue SE/15th Street SE.
  3. 7th Street SE (Moved to 2017 Sidewalks) - West sidewalk link between 27th Ave SE to Life Care Center sidewalk stub. (**Update: Moved this schedule of improvements to 2017 Sidewalk Project due to proximity of projects at 27th Ave SE**)
  4. Spot Location Links/Repairs - Miscellaneous Sidewalk Spot Links and Repairs throughout the Northwest and Southeast quadrants of the City.
2017 Sidewalk Link Project ( Anticipated Construction Year: 2018)
  1. 27th Avenue SE - South sidewalk link between 5th Street SE and 7th Street SE. Minor roadway widening will be incorporated into this project to maintain enough street width to provide parking on south side of street.
  2. 7th Street SE (Moved from 2016 Sidewalks) - West sidewalk link between 27th Avenue SE to Life Care Center sidewalk stub. 
  3. 11th Avenue NW - South sidewalk link along 11th Avenue NW and provide an asphalt pathway between 21st Street Place NW and 21st Street NW. 
  4. 14th Street SW - Replace-in-place west sidewalk between existing porous concrete sidewalk stub at Meeker Creek Crossing near 10th Avenue SW to 12th Avenue SW. Provide a new porous sidewalk link from 12th Avenue SW to north boundary of Puyallup Fish Hatchery.
Wildwood Park Drive Project (Anticipated Construction Year: 2019)
  1. Wildwood Park Drive - Provide sidewalk link on east side of Wildwood Park Drive from 31st Ave SE to Ferrucci Junior High School.
  2. Wildwood Park Drive - Extend sidewalk link from 31st Ave SE to 25th.

Completed Project Photos
Left: Wildwood Park Drive, just south of Ferrucci Junior High. This sidewalk was constructed of pervious concrete in February 2016 as part of the 2015 Sidewalk Links Program.
Right: 14th Street SW, near Meeker Creek; construction of a pervious concrete sidewalk in January 2016.