Report Spill/Illicit Discharge

Please call 253-770-3336 to report any spill or discharges other than surface and ground waters into the City storm drain system. Life threatening emergencies should use 911.

What is an illicit discharge?

Non-permitted discharges could include a leaking garbage truck or dumpster, a carpet cleaning truck hose draining into a stormwater drain, or even soapy water from a car wash. If you see these types of activities please remember to report:

  • When and Where the Incident occurred
  • Who is responsible for the spill/dumping. Include vehicle and license plate or personal description.
  • What the substance is being dumped /spilled.

Where does your stormwater go?

Why is it important to keep pollutants and toxic chemicals out of the storm system? All stormwater that goes into the City's storm conveyance system is somehow connected to a fish bearing creek or river.  Low concentrations of many pollutants can cause harm to aquatic life.