When Graffiti Hits Home

If you see someone vandalizing property, call 9-1-1 immediately. Do not confront suspects on your own.

If you have been the vicitm of graffiti and it is not in progress, call non-emergency dispatch at 253-798-4721 to file a report. This assists the Police Department in identifying graffiti hotspots and focusing patrol efforts.

Immediately after a police report has been taken, cover the graffiti. If a tagger realizes that their graffiti is going to get covered right away, they will likely move somewhere else or give up altogether. The most effective way that we can deter graffiti in our community is to remove it or cover it as soon as possible.

Painting over graffiti is usually the easiest and least costly method to cover up graffiti. Below are Puyallup community groups who help cover graffiti. The groups try to respond within 24 hours. The property owner is responsible for providing a matching paint color.

Friends & Servants / YMCA

Friends and Servants keeps white primer on hand. They will come out and paint over the graffiti as soon as possible and return to finish up the job when you are able to provide that matching paint color. Please call 253-840-8110 for more information, or to request help.

Puyallup High School

John Anderson

If your property is the frequent target of "taggers", consider the following changes to discourage graffiti:
  • Installing motion sensor lighting
  • Installing fencing
  • Planting thorny shrubs in front of frequently targeted areas