Reserve Meeting Rooms, Study Rooms and Display Cases

Please use the Evanced Reservation System to request a room. See details below for who can reserve a room and other policies governing the use of the space.

About the Meeting Rooms

The library's meeting and study rooms are available at no charge during library open hours, except as noted in the Library Meeting Room Policy. Meeting rooms are available for non-profit community groups, including civic, charitable, educational, religious, and other public service groups, when not in use for library purposes. Rooms can be booked up to three months in advance and will only be booked for adults. Youth groups may use the rooms if a responsible adult is always present.

Use of the study and meeting rooms and the entirety of the contents therein are at your own risk. This includes all programs and events offered by any entity.  

Download our Meeting and Study Room Policy (PDF).


Our room reservation system allows you to view our schedule and submit your requests for meeting and study rooms. E-mail the library with questions or  request online.

Display Cases

Directly across from our meeting rooms are two large display cases. These cases are for both library and public use. Please read the following guidelines and parameters for creating displays:

  • One display per year per group or individual
  • Groups or individuals should have a theme that is civic, artistic, charitable, educational or has a public service component.
  • Applications with the intent to promote any product or ideology that is singularly political or religious in nature, may result in monetary gain, or promote any illegal activities or substances will be denied.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection of items in the cases, although the cases are locked.
  • The display of material by any group does not imply endorsement of that group by the Library.
  • Applications are accepted at most six months prior to when the group would like them displayed.
  • Displays are approved for one month.  Display set-up should be coordinated with library staff to occur during the first week of the display month.  Likewise, displays should be taken down prior to the 1st of the following month.
  • Display dimensions are 73.75" H x 88.0" W x 19.0" D

If you would like to display an interesting collection, artwork, historical memorabilia, or other items, please be sure your project meets the guidelines and fill out the Display Application.