City Council Meetings

Citizen Participation

Citizens are welcome to attend all City Council meetings. The agenda and full meeting packet for council meetings are posted on the city's website prior to the meeting. You may sign up to be notified when a new agenda is available on the web. Paper copies of the agendas are also available at the meeting.

Citizen Comments

Regular Meetings

A portion of all City Council regular meetings is set aside for citizen comments, typically near the beginning of the meeting. Citizen Comment sign up sheets are available at the table adjacent to the City Clerk's desk, but are not mandatory. If you fill out a sign-up sheet at the meeting, please give the form to the City Clerk prior to the beginning of the meeting. The Mayor will use these forms to call citizens to the podium first. Each citizen has three minutes to speak to the Council.

Council Work Sessions

The Mayor will allow citizens to comment on the topics of a city council work session at the end of the work session meeting. Citizens will have two minutes to speak to the Council on work session agenda items.

Public Hearings

Sign up forms are available for citizens wishing to speak during a public hearing and can be located at the table adjacent to the City Clerk's desk. All public hearing(s) are listed on the agenda, a document that displays the order of items for discussion during a meeting. During a public hearing staff provides a presentation, after which the Mayor will open the hearing for public comments. At that time you may come forward to the podium, state your name and voice your support, opposition, or question relating to the issue. The Council will establish the time limits on public testimony.

Council Meeting Schedule

A calendar of all scheduled City Council meeting dates (regular meetings and work sessions) can be found by clicking on the link to the annual Council Calendar (PDF). Meetings typically begin at 6:30 p.m. and are held at the William S Stoner Council Chambers, 5th Floor, Puyallup City Hall (333 S Meridian). Changes in meeting times or location are posted as a public notice in the section titled "Legals." Special meetings are conducted as scheduled. The public is welcome at all Council meetings.

Want More Information?

The City Clerk's Office maintains a list of citizens who have requested email notification when upcoming City Council meeting agendas become available on the city's website. Sign up to receive notification. For those who do not have email or computer access, please contact the City Clerk's Office by phone at 253-841-4321. For other questions about your City Council's meetings, contact the City Clerk's Office by email or by phone.

Watch the Council Meetings

The City of Puyallup offers searchable video coverage of City Council Meetings and a City Council Voting Record. Video footage of the City Council Meetings is posted to the website during the next business day following the meeting.

Puyallup City Council meetings are cable cast on Comcast or Click Cable TV on Channel 22. The schedule is as follows: Thursdays at 8 a.m., Fridays at 2 a.m., and Sundays at 8 p.m. Meetings can also be watched on PCTV or on Comcast On Demand/local.