Records Requests


  • These are records that relate to in-court proceedings, including case files, dockets, calendars, and the like.  The court does not provide a request for discovery, see below. 
  • Public access to these records is governed by GR 31


 Please fill out and submit the form either via an electronic submittal, in person, mail or email 


  • These records relate to the management, supervision, or administration of a court or judicial agency.
  • Public access to these records is governed by GR 31.1


When requesting a copy of a case record, please be specific as to the document / s you are requesting. It is not up to court staff to determine what should be sent. Additionally, there are copy fees as follows:

  • $20 for a copy of the hearing recording 
  • Certified copies - $5 for 1st page and $1 for each additional page, per document
  • Photocopy of paper document $.50 per page
  • Paper copy from electronic format $.25 per page
  • Appeals (Preparation & Tapes) $40
  • Clerk's services are $20/hour or a portion of an hour
  • Postage - actual cost or a self-addressed envelope with postage


  • Puyallup and Milton Municipal Courts are courts of limited jurisdiction, which means, we are not a court of permanent record. 
  • Documents are stored according to the Washington Secretary of State's Retention Schedule. 
  • Limited documents are kept for three (3) years after final disposition. After the three-year period expires, hard-copy documents may no longer be available. The JIS docket is the only record kept in perpetuity. 



Requests for discovery should be directed to the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney:

City of Puyallup
Attn:  Office of the Prosecuting Attorney
333 S Meridian 
Puyallup, WA 98371

  • For traffic infraction matters, discovery will be provided pursuant to the Infraction Rules for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction 3.1.  
  • For criminal matters, discovery will be provided pursuant to the Criminal Rules of Limited Jurisdiction CrRLJ 4.7.

Your discovery request must be in writing and should contain the following information:

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your case number.
  3. What discovery materials you are requesting.
  4. The date of your request.
  5. Your signature.
  6. If requesting a mailed copy, address where discovery is to be mailed and a self-addressed envelope with at least $1.00 postage affixed.
  7. Notice of Appearance or Requests for Discovery by Attorneys may be sent via fax to 253-770-3352.

Note:  NO email requests for discovery or filings are accepted at this time.



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