Civil Service

Civil Service Processes

The Puyallup Civil Service Commission approves and oversees the City of Puyallup's testing of Police Officer and Corrections Officer positions. 

Human Resources conducts competitive testing processes for civil service positions as needed. 

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Pic Grad Academy 9-2019

Entry-Level Process
Apply for Entry-Level Police Officer and Entry-Level Corrections Officer positions by going to the Public Safety Testing website and selecting the City of Puyallup when submitting your application materials. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis and kept on file for testing/interviewing to take place as the need arises.
Advanced Entry-Level and Lateral-Entry Process

You can apply for Advanced Entry-Level Police Officer, Lateral-Entry Police Officer, Advanced Entry-Level Corrections, and Lateral-Entry Corrections Officer positions by going to the city's Career Opportunities webpage

Applications are accepted on a continuous basis and kept on file for testing to take place as the need arises. Application packets received are screened for eligibility to participate in the examination process and scored according to predetermined rating criteria.

Those candidates receiving the highest scores on his/her application packet are invited to compete in the examination process. The City of Puyallup reserves the right to schedule examinations as necessary. Applications are kept on file until examinations are scheduled. Finalists are notified in advance of examination dates.

Civil Service 2

Civil Service Positions


Entry Level Police Officer
Advanced Entry Level Police Officer
Lateral Entry (Experienced) Police Officer


Entry Level Corrections Officer
Advanced Entry Level Corrections Officer
Lateral Entry (Experienced) Corrections Officer

Civil Service Chief Examiner

Katie Ortega
Email Katie Ortega
Phone: 253-841-5460

Veteran's Scoring Criteria

In accordance with RCW 41.04.010, certain veterans are eligible for Veteran's Scoring Criteria for some positions at the City of Puyallup.  If the selection process does not include a competitive examination process then Veteran's Scoring Criteria is not recorded.  Applicants requesting Veteran's Scoring Criteria must attach a DD form 214, NGB form 22, or their equivalent or successor discharge paperwork, that characterize his/her service as honorable. For the definition of a veteran for purposes of Veteran's Scoring Criteria eligibility, please refer to  RCW 41.04.007.

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