Downtown Business Parking Placards

City Owned Lots For Parking Placard Holders


On September 20,2011 the City Council opened other city owned parking lots to business parking placard holders. These lots include:

  • AOB lot - 3rd St SW & W Pioneer (37 stalls)
  • The Hill lot - 2nd St SE & E Pioneer (36 stalls)
  • Cornforth/Campbell covered lot - 2nd St SE & E Main (38 stalls)

In addition, these parking placards will allow downtown business employees to park in city owned lots prior to 8:30 am.

Parking in these lots are on a first come, first served basis.

Who Can Apply For a Downtown Business Parking Placard?

Downtown business employers may apply for downtown business parking lot placards for their employees by completing an Online Form. All parking placard purchases must be completed using the online service. The placard is good for one calendar year and can be used at any of the business parking lots listed above. The permit is non-transferable and should not be sold or given away.

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