General Business Licenses


If you are planning to open a business in Puyallup, you will need to apply for and receive a Business License. These licenses are issued through the State of Washington Business Licensing Service (BLS). Below is a breakdown of the common types of Business Licenses that we require in the City.

If your retail business is located inside the city limits you will need a General Business License. 

General Business License Application - Add the City of Puyallup as an endorsement on your Washington State business license.

If your business is located outside the city limits, please go to Pierce County's website or call (253) 798-7445.

General Business License Rates

  • Rates are based on the total number of employees, managers, or owners working within city limits.
  • Non-profit organizations are required to get a license but do not pay a fee.
  • If total income (from all locations) is less than $12,000 annually, the license fee may be waived.

New Business License Fees

Employees City License State Fee Total
1-24 $75 $50 $125
25-99 $300 $50 $350
100+ $500 $50 $550

Annual License Renewal Fees

Employees City License State Fee Total
1-24 $75 $5 $80
25-99 $300 $5 $305
100+ $500 $5 $505

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