Housing & Household Items

Accessing shelter and housing in Pierce County starts with one phone call.
Pierce County, in partnership with Associated Ministries, Catholic Community Services, Greater Lakes Mental Health Care, and Comprehensive Life Resources, offers a centralized intake and referral system for families and individuals at risk of, or currently experiencing homelessness. Anyone in need of prevention or re-housing services can call 2-1-1 to be referred to local housing and other resources best suited to their needs. Learn more about Coordinated Entry services on Associated Ministries website

Walk-up sites are also available, allowing clients to receive same-day services; 
For other housing assistance (rent, utility, Section 8, etc.) resources in Pierce County, see the chart below, or visit the Pierce County Housing Authority website.



Assistance Offered 

Phone Number 

All Saints

Rent assistance

(253) 848-2000 

Family Need

Utility assistance

(253) 502-8369 

Pierce County Community Connections

Utility assistance

 (253) 798-3835 

Pregnancy Aid

Rent and miscellaneous

(253) 383-4100 

Visitation Parrish

Utility assistance

(253) 473-4960