Land Use Permit Applications

  1. Land Use applications (A-L)

The following is a brief description of applications available at the City of Puyallup Development Center, with links to the applications.

  • Administrative Adjustment Application - Application used for 'minor' deviations from development standards, such as zoning setbacks, proposed lot size/dimensions, lot coverage, building height, etc. The amount of deviation from development standards is relatively limited through an administrative variance permit.
  • Administrative Conditional Use Permit - A land use permit requiring review due to unusual effects of characteristics peculiar to the use.
  • Annexation - The transition of land from Pierce County into the City of Puyallup.
  • Binding Site Plan - A form of site plan and subdivision application for commercial or industrial properties only (not applicable for residential development).
  • Boundary Line Adjustment Application - The adjustment of a property line between two or more existing adjacent parcels, with no additional parcels being created.
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment - An amendment to the language or map of the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Conditional Use Application - A land use permit requiring review due to unusual effects or characteristics peculiar to the use, size, location, type of equipment used, or demands upon public facilities resulting from such use.
  • Food Truck Permit Application - Application to operate a food truck that intends to operate on the same site each day but is not necessarily kept on-site overnight (under the allowances of Temporary Uses - PMC 20.70.012(3)(a)). If the food truck will locate on multiple sites, a Food Truck Application will be required for each site. 
  • Home Occupation Application - A business/professional occupation conducted in a dwelling that is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the structure for residential purposes.
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Please contact Development Services at 253-864-4165 or e-mail for Land Use Permit Applications not listed above.