Land Use Permit Applications

The following is a brief description of applications available at the City of Puyallup Development Center, with links to the applications.

Commonly Requested Forms:

Applications (Alphabetized order):

  • Administrative Variance Application - Application used for 'minor' deviations from development standards, such as zoning setbacks, proposed lot size/dimensions, lot coverage, building height, etc. The amount of deviation from development standards is relatively limited through an administrative variance permit; call 253-864-4165 to discuss your project and requested variance from the basic zoning standards applied to your property.
  • Administrative Conditional Use Permit - A land use permit requiring review due to unusual effects of characteristics peculiar to the use. Not many land uses require an Administrative Conditional Use Permit (ACUP); call 253-864-4165 to discuss with a planner if your proposed land use requires an ACUP.
  • Annexation - The transition of land from Pierce County into the City of Puyallup.
  • Binding Site Plan - A form of site plan and subdivision application for commercial or industrial properties only (e.g. not applicable for residential development).
  • Boundary Line Adjustment Application - The adjustment of a property line between two or more existing adjacent parcels, with no additional parcels being created.
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment - An amendment to the language or map of the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Conditional Use Application - A land use permit requiring review due to unusual effects or characteristics peculiar to the use, size, location, type of equipment used, or demands upon public facilities resulting from such a use.
  • Food Truck Permit Application - Used to review food trucks that intend to locate on the same site each day but are not necessarily kept on-site overnight, under the allowances of Temporary Uses - PMC 20.70.012(3)(a). If the food truck will locate on multiple sites, a Food Truck Application will be required for each site. 
  • Home Occupation Application - A business/professional occupation conducted in a dwelling which is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the structure for residential purposes.
  • Major Plat - Preliminary - A map representing the division of land into five or more lots, tracts, or parcels.
  • Major Plat - Final - A final version of and conformance to an approved preliminary plat (5 + lots).
  • Municipal Code Amendment - An amendment to the language of Titles 1 through 21 of the Puyallup Municipal Code.
  • Pre-Annexation Utility Extension - The extension of City utilities (water and sewer) to a property outside of the City limits, prior to that property being annexed into the City.
  • Preliminary Site Plan - A review of a proposed development plan, for compliance with zoning and development standards, building and fire codes, public works engineering standards, and the State Environmental Protection Act.
  • Rezone - The change of property from one zoning designation to another zoning designation, within the same land use category (e.g. does not require a Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map Amendment). Applicants considering a rezone application should call the Planning Division at 253-864-4165 to discuss the process and eligibility for rezoning. The majority of proposed rezones require an accompanying Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map Amendment. A planner from the City can determine this for you.
  • SEPA Checklist - Required by state law for certain specified larger projects, the SEPA checklist is used by the city in making environmental determinations regarding proposed developments.
  • Shoreline Conditional Use Permit
  • Shoreline Substantial Development - A permit required for development or modifications to lands adjacent to and within 200' of Clark's Creek or the Puyallup River only (development near other smaller stream bodies are not regulated by the Puyallup Shoreline Management Plan (SMP). Some uses within 200' are exempt from these permit requirements - other proposals may require a Shoreline Conditional Use Permit or Variance permit; call a planner at 253-864-4165 to discuss which shoreline application type is needed if you are considering development or land modifications near Clark's Creek or the Puyallup River.
  • Shoreline Substantial Development Exemption
  • Shoreline Variance
  • Short Plat Application - A map representing the division of land into four or less lots, tracts, or parcels.
  • Temporary Use Permit
  • Variance - Application for 'major' deviations from development standards such as zoning setbacks, proposed lot size/dimensions, lot coverage, building height, etc. Variances are required for proposals if the deviation from zoning standards exceed what can be processed under an administrative variance; call a planner at 253-864-4165 to discuss which application is needed if you are considering a variance request.
Please contact Development Services at 253-864-4165 for Land Use Permit Applications not listed above.