Registering Your Property

How to Register Your Property

Below is a step-by-step process to let you know if you qualify to be on the historical register and how to apply:

  • It is significantly associated with the history, architecture, archaeology, engineering, or cultural heritage of the community;
  • It is at least 50 years old or is of lesser age and has exceptional importance;
  • It has integrity;
    • i.e. the property retains its original character and is able to communicate its historic significance within the community
  • And falls within at least one of the eleven categories provided on the eligibility flow chart

Please reference Puyallup Municipal Code (PMC) 21.22.025 for additional information.

The process for designating properties or districts to the Puyallup Register requires nomination or designation recommendation by the Board. 

Nomination Process

A nomination to the register may be made by a property owner, members of the Board, or the Board as a whole may generate nominations and may sponsor nominations submitted by members of the public. A nomination of a property requires the consent of the property owner.

Review Process

The Board shall consider the Puyallup Historic Register, the Puyallup Comprehensive Plan, and the criteria outlined in PMC 21.22.025(1), in making its recommendation to City Council. The Board will consider the merits of a designation at a public meeting, scheduled with prior public notice. If the Board determines that the nominated property should be placed on the Register, the Board will transmit their recommendation for City Council approval.

All properties listed on the Puyallup Register may be eligible for a special tax valuation (PMC 21.22.035), based on the rehabilitation of the subject property.


There are many benefits to registering your historic property. You may:

  • Be presented with a "Historic Property" plaque to post on your property
  • Utilize technical assistance/resource information from the City's historic preservation representative
  • Be eligible for special tax valuation (PMC 21.22.035 (PDF)) for approved rehabilitation expenses
  • Be eligible for some exemptions form the International Building Code when rehabilitating a designated historic property
  • Be eligible for state or federal funds to rehabilitate your designated property

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