Public Works Engineering & Construction Standards

Design Standards Manual Preface

The City Standards for Public Works Engineering and Construction Manual has been prepared to provide a graphic and written representation of minimum standards for construction of public improvements within the public right-of-way, easements, city properties and on private property relating to utilities which are connected to the basic city utility system. The application of this manual has been coordinated with the latest edition of the Standard Specifications for Road, Bridge and Municipal Construction, published by the Washington State Department of Transportation and the American Public Works Association.

This manual was compiled by staff of both the Office of the City Engineer and Public Works Department of the City of Puyallup, representing years of field and design experience. The intent is to achieve maximum uniformity of engineering and construction practices within the City of Puyallup.

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Recent Revisions to City Standards

The City Standards for Public Works Engineering and Construction Manual should be considered a "living document" and is subject to updates and revisions. To aid professional engineers, planners, developers, home owners and any other design professional, recent revisions to City Standards will be listed in the below table for a one (1) year period from date of approval.

What Section of Standards was revised?What was modified?Date Approved
Detail 04.03.04 - Commercial Side Sewer with Sampling Connection-Clarification on requirements when modifications are made to a sewer system.July 2023
Detail 03.10.02 - Fire Department Connection (FDC)Note 3 - Added to specify booster pump requirements.
Note 4 - Added to specify clearance around FDC.
Note 5 - Added reference for guard post standards.
Note 4 - Updated to stainless steel.
-Updated to specify minimum distance from face of curb.
July 2023
Detail 03.03.04 - Private Water Service Connection-Updated to add new references to new standard details. July 2023
Detail 03.03.03 - 3"-4"-6" Water Service ConnectionNote 1 - Updated to add reference to detail 03.11.01.July 2023
Detail 03.03.02 - 1 1/2" and 2" Water Service ConnectionNote 10 - Added to clarify perpendicular installation to water main.July 2023
Detail 03.03.01-2 - 1" Water Service ConnectionNew detail to separate 3/4" and 1" line standards.
July 2023
Detail 03.03.01-1 - 3/4" Water Service ConnectionNew detail to separate 3/4" and 1" line standards.July 2023
Detail 02.05.06 - Perforated Stub OutNew detail to clarify perforated stub out standards.

Detail 02.05.06 - Downspout Dispersion TrenchNew detail to clarify downspout dispersion trench standards.
July 2023
Detail 02.05.05 - Downspout Splash BlocksNew detail to clarify downspout splash block standards.
July 2023
Detail 02.05.04 - Downspout DrywellNew detail to clarify downspout drywell standards.
July 2023
Detail 02.05.03 - Individual Infiltration System (Notes)Removed detail. All applicable notes have been incorporated into Section 210.July 2023
Detail 02.05.02 - Yard DrainNew detail to clarify yard drain standards.July 2023
Detail 02.05.01 - Downspout Infiltration TrenchNew detail to clarify downspout infiltration trench standards.July 2023
Detail 01.02.12 - Standard Residential Driveway-Revised driveway setback to 2.5' to align with other standards.
-Revised note 2 to align with WSDOT Standard Specifications.
-Added note 8 to list prohibition of structures within driveways.
-Revised conduit requirements under driveways. 
July 2023
Section 301.3 - Water System Design CriteriaNote 3 - Revised to reflect new standard detail numbers
Note 4 - Revised to reflect new standard detail numbers
Note 6 (New Note) - Reference to minimum size water meter and service line for sprinklered structures with code reference.
Note 7 (New Note) - Added to specify prohibited locations of water meters and relocation requirements.
July 2023
Section 210 - Roof Downspout ControlsNew section to cover roof downspout design and construction requirements of BMPs.July 2023
Section 209 - Testing and InspectionNew section to specify testing and inspection requirements for stormwater infrastructure.July 2023
Detail 02.01.10 - Storm Drain Inspection PortNew detail to clarify inspection port standard.February 2023
Detail 02.01.09 - Storm Drain CleanoutNew detail to clarify storm drain cleanout standard.February 2023
Detail 01.01.06A - Public Roadway Minor Arterial Cross Section (Permeable)Removed detail to align with section 202.February 2023
Detail 01.01.05A - Public Roadway Principal Arterial Cross Section (Permeable)Removed detail to align with section 202.February 2023
Detail 01.01.04A - 36' Public Roadway Commercial Collector Cross Section (Permeable)Removed detail to align with section 202.February 2023
Section 600 - Landscaping, Planting, and SeedingNew section of standards to cover landscaping, planting and seeding.
- Includes subsection 601 and 602.
February 2023
Section 202 - Low Impact Development (LID)New section of standards to cover LID requirements.February 2023
Section 208 - Pollution PreventionNew section to specify standard requirements for garbage enclosures.August 2022
Section 203 - Underground Injection Control (UIC)New section to clarify UIC requirements.August 2022
Detail 03.01.01 - Water Valves and Mains
Note 4 - Revised to specify locking requirements for Model 6800 valve box covers and included part number for reference.
December 2021
Section 1.4 - Plan ApprovalApproval Blocks - Approval Blocks were updated to be in compliance with Puyallup Municipal Code (PMC) 17.42.035 - Expiration of applications, approvals or permits. Approval Blocks are now available for download for applicant use under Part 1 - Design Standards.November 2020
Section 302.1 - Fire HydrantsNote 4 - Revised to provide clarity on maximum hydrant lead length consistent with PMC 16.08.070(8) requirements and Standard Detail 03.05.01.November 2020
Section 304 - Water System Plan NotesNote 23 - Removed previous note 23 and Replaced with previous note 24.November 2020
Section 304 - Water System Plan Notes
Note 24 (New Note) - Provided reference to the adopted City of Puyallup Water Main Break Procedure which outlines the required notification procedure if a water main break occurs during construction.November 2020
Section 304 - Water System Plan Notes
Note 25 (New Note) - Additional requirements for water main repairs made with and without requiring water system depressurization.
November 2020
Section 304 - Water System Plan Notes
Note 26 (New Note) - Additional Requirements have been added to new water main installation within the City to be in compliance with Washington State Department of Health Guidelines and Regulations.
November 2020
Detail 03.05.01 - Fire Hydrant Assembly
- Revised Note 8 to provide clarification on allowed fire hydrant lead lengths and what is required if the lead exceeds 20' in length.
- Revised specified M&H Hydrant to 129S as previous specified hydrant assembly has been discontinued. 
November 2020
Detail 03.09.01 - Pressure Reducing Station
- Added a maximum length to dimension from vault bottom to flanged wye strainer.November 2020
Section 101.8.3 - Existing Curvilinear Sidewalks (New Section)Added new section to address existing Curvilinear Sidewalks in regards to required frontage improvements.
October 2019
Section 200.1 - General Stormwater RequirementsNote 3 - Updated website to correct address
Note 4 - Revised title of approving
Note 7 - Revised language for clarity
October 2019
Section 201.1 - Stormwater Manual SelectionNote 2 - Revised to reflect current regulations and requirements
Note 3 (Previous note 5) - Revised to require stormwater flowchart to be submitted with permit applications
Removed Previous Note 3 and 4 as they no longer apply
October 2019
Section 204.4 - Closed System RequirementsNote 3 - Added dual walled Polypropylene pipe
October 2019
Section 204.5 - Culvert Design RequirementsRemoved Note 9October 2019
Section 204.8 - Vaults, Catch Basin and Manhole RequirementsNote 5 - Added design criteria for dissimilar pipe diameters which shall match crowns at catch basins and manholes
Note 9.C - Stormwater structures greater than 20-feet in depth shall be channeled manholes without sumps
Note 11 - Added the criteria of "not required to be used as inlets"
October 2019
Section 205.1 - Stormwater Facilities MaintenanceNote 3 - Clarified maintenance and operation transfer procedure of public facilities in subdivisions.October 2019
Section 205.2 - Maintenance Access Road RequirementsNote 4 - Added fencing gate requirements for Maintenance Access RoadsOctober 2019
Section 206 - Public Easements and TractsNote 2 - Added fencing requirement for publicly maintained stormwater facilitiesOctober 2019

Section 207 - Stormwater Plan NotesNote 10 - Revised manhole ring and cover to reference correct adopted standard
Note 13 - Updated WSDOT Standard Plan Numbers
Note 14 - Added dual walled Polypropylene pipe
Note 17 - Stormwater pipe testing shall meet requirements outlined in Section 406 of the Sanitary Sewer Standards
October 2019
Detail 03.03.02 - 1-1/2" and 2" Water Service ConnectionRevised Meter Flange Connection note to reference correct noteOctober 2019
Detail 03.03.03 - 3"-4"-6" Water ServiceRevised Construction Note 1 to remove outdated vault manufacturer reference
October 2019
Detail 03.07.01 - Air/Vacuum Valve-Added 24-Mesh Stainless Steel Screen to Bee Hive Strainer
-Revised Model number of air/vacuum valve to 2" APCO#145 C Combination Air/Vacuum Valve
-Revised Utility Vault Co. Standard
October 2019

Detail 03.09.01 - Pressure Reducing StationRevised Concrete Vault Note to remove outdated vault manufacturer reference
October 2019

Detail 03.10.01-1- Double Detector-Check Valve Assembly InstallationRevised Concrete Vault Note to remove outdated vault manufacturer reference
October 2019

Detail 03.11.01 - Water Vault DetailsRevised Concrete Vault Note to remove outdated vault manufacturer referenceOctober 2019
Section 401 - Sanitary Sewer System Design CriteriaNote 2 - Added Protecto 401TM epoxy or equivalent standard for all ductile iron sewer pipe
Note 5 - Added Puyallup Municipal Code reference and Uniform Plumbing Code reference for Grease Interceptor requirements
Note 7 - Added maintenance responsibility of side sewer connections
Note 16 - Added that existing laterals must meet current standards to be used again
Note 17.a - Revised Grinder Pump Lift Station model to WH231/WR231 "SQUAT"
Note 18 (new) - Added Maintenance Access Road requirements related to sewer facilities
October 2019
Section 402.2 - Oil/Water SeparatorsNote 6 - Revised language for clarityOctober 2019
Section 402.3 - Grease InterceptorsNote 6 - Revised language for clarityOctober 2019
Section 405 - Sanitary Sewer Plan NotesNote 10 - Added Protecto 401TM epoxy lining requirement
Note 11 - Revised sewer manhole frame and cover to correct standard
Note 16 - Added note for testing requirements of new 406 Section
October 2019
Detail 406 - Testing Requirements (New Section)Added new section of standards to cover required testing of sewer and storm pipe prior to acceptanceOctober 2019