January 11, 2009

The Puyallup Emergency Management Department asks citizens to take extra precaution when cleaning up after the flood:
  • Wear gloves, boots, eye protection, and a respiratory mask during the clean up.
  • Open all doors and windows. Use fans if possible to air out the building.
  • Wash all clothes and linens in hot water when water supply allows.
  • Discard mattresses and stuffed furniture; they can't be adequately cleaned.
  • Wash dirt and mud from walls, counters and hard surfaced floors with soap and water.
  • Disinfect surfaces with a solution of one cup bleach per gallon of water.
  • Discard all food that has come into contact with flood water. Canned food can be kept, however, remove the label and remark it with a permanent marker. Thoroughly wash the canned food with soap and water before re-storing.
  • Do not drink from your water source until it is confirmed to be safe. Until then, use clean bottled water.