Emergency Management

The City’s Emergency Management Division is responsible for ensuring a state of readiness for all potential hazards (natural, environmental, and human-caused).

The mission of the Division is to protect lives and property through preparedness and mitigation activities. It develops and refines emergency management plans, conducts exercises, and organizes and executes response efforts in the event of a significant incident. The program also provides for community education on emergency preparedness and recovery.

Watch our full-scale exercise video below, which was conducted in 2018.

The Emergency Management Division:

  • Holds quarterly EOC team training exercises
  • Has managed full-scale exercises (mass care & shelter and volcanic lahar response)
  • Offers individual and group training to EOC team members
  • Coordinates community preparedness presentations & events
  • Conducts public outreach
  • Issues 12 monthly Division reports
  • Revises and updates the City’s Emergency Management Plans
  • Participates in regional emergency management trainings and events
  • Administers emergency management grants received from the federal government