Chip Seal & Fog Seal

The Street Division is responsible for maintaining safe and reliable street surfaces throughout Puyallup. Chip seal is an asphalt surface treatment that helps waterproof the pavement, provide a skid-resistant surface, and give new life to dry and weathered asphalt pavement.

Fog seal is a method that is used to lock in chips in a chip seal treatment. This helps to prevent early chip seal rock loss and snow plow damage. It also aides in surface prep for roadway markings, providing a better contrast than chip seal alone.
Chip Seal on a Road

Help Speed up a Chip Seal Project on Your Street

  • Remove all vehicles from the street on the scheduled dates.
  • Avoid watering of plants or washing cars near the street. The street needs to be dry before and after the Chip Seal.
  • Drive no faster than 10 MPH on the new street surface.
  • After the Chip Seal, it is important to drive slowly until the sweeping is completed.