2016 Puyallup NeighborWoods Species

What's the Best Tree for Me?

If you are planning to plant a street tree in the area between the curb and sidewalk in front of your home, please pay attention to the minimum planting strip widths for each tree to ensure your strip is wide enough. If you have overhead power lines, you must select trees from the "under power line" section. You must also call 811 to have your utilities located to ensure you have adequate space to plant your tree(s) - you must also apply for a free street tree permit. The city will mark the location of your trees in an approved location.

Please note that small trees will likely sell out quickly. If you have room for a larger tree in your yard or planting strip (and no overhead power lines), please consider one.

What Does it Mean if a Tree Is "Wait-Listed"?

If we are sold out of a particular tree, you will be added to the wait-list. As trees become available, we will distribute them to the wait-list in the order they were received.

How Big Are the Trees That I Will Receive?

In order to provide trees that are manageable for the average home owner to pick up and move themselves, most trees provided through the program are 4-6 feet tall and are in 5-10 gallon containers.

What Tree Is Best for Me?

Apply for available trees now. Use this link for the application.
An evergreen tree branch

Empty Spot In Yard

I have an empty planting strip with no overhead power lines or an empty area in my front or back yard, what should I do?

Try the beautiful 'Golden Colonnade Gingko (Gingko biloba 'JFS-UGA2') or the narrow 'Metro Gold' Hedge Maple tree (Acer campestre 'Panacek') - both are good options for most street tree areas with planter strips at least 5' wide. If you have a larger planter strip, or a large yard area, you may want to look at the Prairie Expedition Elm (Ulmus americana 'Lewis and Clark) - its classic vase-shaped American Elm form creates an overhead canopy that defines a streetscape. All three of these selections make excellent street trees that will add beauty and shade to your street.

Narrow Space

I am looking for a great evergreen tree for a narrow space in my yard...

Consider the narrow and drought tolerant Incense Cedar (Calocedrus decurrens) to add year-round green to your yard.

Large Space

I am looking for a tree to fill in a large space in my yard or screen my property...

The Western red cedar would be a great tree for this purpose. Red cedar can handle damp to wet soil conditions and grows best in shady conditions. Its year round evergreen foliage can help to screen undesirable views or help to soak up thousands of gallons of storm water every year.

I'd love to add some native tree habitat to my backyard...

You're in luck! We're offering four different native conifers that will add beauty and grace to your yard:

Overhead Power Lines

Help! I have overhead power lines and all the small trees are sold out...

It's still definitely worth applying for the small tree species and getting on the wait-list. As the season progresses, there may be a bit of movement on the wait-list as people change their minds. If a tree does not become available for you this year, consider applying again next year or purchasing a tree on your own.