Code Compliance

"A Partnership Between Citizens and the City of Puyallup to Address Issues that Affect the Quality of Life in Our Community."


The Code Compliance Division is charged with protecting the public health, safety, and general welfare of Puyallup residents and visitors by enforcing compliance with many sections of the Puyallup Municipal Code including zoning ordinances, property maintenance codes, home occupations, sign codes, and public nuisances.

Puyallup Code Compliance is committed to promoting safe, healthy, and attractive neighborhoods and improving the quality of our community by fair enforcement of the code.

Submit Reports

To submit reports of the following types of violations, please contact the appropriate department:

Submit A Complaint to Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Officer opens a compliance case only when a written complaint is received. There are several ways you can submit a written complaint. You can access the Request for Action Form here or pick up a paper copy at any city office. Request For Action Form (PDF)  This can be then sent in or dropped off at City Hall. 

You can also submit a complaint online via City View 

You may also just email the Code Compliance Officer with the pertinent details. 
The Code Compliance Officer is frequently out in the field and would not be available to meet with you in the office without an appointment. You may contact the Code Compliance Officer by phone at 253-770-3327, or via email.
Please be advised that we do not follow up on anonymous phone tips or complaints. If desired and indicated, complainants are kept confidential. See RCW 42.56.240(2). 

Search Code Enforcement Cases

You can go to this link to search Code Enforcement cases. You can search by address or case number.

If you type in “CE” or  “CE” followed by the year (for example CE2023) it will provide a list of all cases or for that year. Scroll past the map to see the list. Click on “Complaint Status” on each case to see more information. 

Code Enforcement records request beyond this should be submitted through the normal public records request system located here.