Meeker Creek Stream Restoration

Completed 2015

At completion, the Meeker Restoration Project has created a restored stream section which includes channel characteristics supportive of water quality including riffles, pools, and glides. These channel features support water quality through oxygenation of the stream and natural sediment removal. The surrounding flood plain created as part of the design is also allowing for sediment removal during large rain events. When the flood waters exceed the banks of the low-flow channel, the floodplain area serves its purpose by allowing these increased flows to spread out and slow down - this is when the volumes of sediment being carried down from upstream sources (such as stormwater outfalls and degraded stream channel sections) settle out and deposit in the flood plain. This reduces down-stream sedimentation and conveyance from these large upstream system flushes. This effect was evident after the first large rain event post-construction.

Planting & Monitoring Phase

Construction work is complete and the Meeker Creek Stream Restoration is now transitioned to an ongoing planting and monitoring phase. To maintain the site, the City and its program partner, Pierce Conservation District, will host planting events, conduct weed management work, and task a site steward with monitoring the site.

When walking past the site on 14th Street SW, note the new pervious concrete sidewalk. This sidewalk was replaced to add to the hydrologic connection of the system. Pervious concrete manages and filters stormwater runoff and helps direct it to the creek.

Special Thanks

Thank you to each and every neighbor and visitor who shared their thoughts on this project and watched it grow from a degraded stream section to a natural, meander channel and floodplain that now supports water quality improvements, filters sediment loads from the stream, hosts wildlife including a bald eagle, blue heron and salmon, and supports the City's implementation of permit-requirement TMDL plans.