Wayfinding Signage Plan

Old Wayfinding Signs-1


The City is creating a plan to introduce wayfinding signage into downtown Puyallup. The Plan aims to create an intentional wayfinding system to help visitors and residents navigate downtown successfully. The project also seeks to connect destinations, such as the Fairgrounds, through signage together into downtown. This includes creating a plan for designing and installing gateway or monument signs at entries to downtown, directional signs and maps, and other wayfinding tools to make downtown more navigable.

The goals of the project are:

  • Help people navigate through downtown and better connect downtown and the Fairgrounds.
  • Develop a consistent and coordinated signage system.
  • Implement street improvements, enhance key entries to downtown, and help develop and strengthen Puyallup’s unique identity.
  • Explore opportunities for incorporating art features into the wayfinding system.

In addition to these goals, the project aims to identify opportunities to incorporate art features into the new wayfinding system.


Developing a Downtown Wayfinding Plan was one of the recommendations from the Meridian Streetscapes Project, completed in 2022. The City, in 2021, hired a consultant, MIG, to create a Plan for the downtown area that would identify new ways to enhance the character, aesthetic, and functionality of streets in the downtown core and along the Meridian corridor. At the end of the project, a prioritized list of ten projects was recommended; developing a Downtown Wayfinding Plan was one of the projects. To learn more about the Meridian Streetscapes Project, please visit our website page.

During the public outreach portion of the Meridian Streetscape Project, City staff asked the community and Council to rank the ten proposed projects based on preference and need. The Wayfinding Plan was one of the top-ranked projects. Knowing this project is a high priority for both the Council and the community, the City began working with its consultant, MIG, to create a Plan to guide the creation of new, better wayfinding signage downtown. Throughout 2023 and 2024, staff will work with the consultant to vet design concepts with an Interested Parties group and the City Council. Once approved, staff will seek funding sources to fabricate and install the wayfinding signage.


For questions and more information about this project, please get in touch with Eric Johnson, Public Affairs Officer, at ejohnson@puyallupwa.gov