Meeker Festival Street

Meeker Festival Street Rendering


The City is working to develop and implement a festival street, which would be located on E Meeker between Meridian and 3rd Street SE. This festival street would act as a flexible space that is pedestrian-oriented and would be temporarily closed for special events, and activities. It would also connect the downtown core to the Meeker Mansion.

The goals of this project are:

  1. Provide a flexible space for pedestrian-oriented events and activities in the right-of-way that can adapt to community needs.
  2. Replace aging public utilities and pavement infrastructure.
  3. Encourage redevelopment and investment in downtown.
  4. Strengthen the connection between the City’s downtown core and the Meeker Mansion.

The Meeker Festival Street was one of the recommendations that came out of the Meridian Streetscapes Project, which was completed in 2022. The City, in 2021, hired a consultant, MIG, to create a Plan for the downtown area that would identify new ways to enhance the character, aesthetic, and functionality of streets in Downtown Puyallup and along the Meridian corridor. At the end of this project, the City created a prioritized list of recommendations to help make strategic investments in downtown. There were ten projects recommended by this Scoping Report, of which the Meeker Festival Street was one of them. To learn more about the Meridian Streetscape Project, and its recommendations, please visit our website page here.

During the public outreach portion of the Meridian Streetscape Project, City staff asked the community and Council to rank the ten proposed projects based on preference. The Meeker Festival Street was, by far, the number one ranked project of the ten. Knowing that this project is a high priority for both the Council and the community, the City sent out an RFP in early 2023 for consultants who could help create a design concept. This concept would act as a blueprint for how the Festival Street could look and will help guide the final design. Over the course of 2023, staff will work with this consultant on drafting the concept and vetting it with the community and City Council. Once approved, staff will seek grants to fund the project and make the vision a reality.

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