Meeker Festival Street

Meeker Festival Street Rendering


The City is working to develop and implement a festival street, which would be located on E Meeker between Meridian and 3rd Street SE. This festival street would act as a flexible space that is pedestrian-oriented and would be temporarily closed for special events and activities. It would also connect the downtown core to the Meeker Mansion.

The goals of this project are:

  1. Provide a flexible space for pedestrian-oriented events and activities in the right-of-way that can adapt to community needs.
  2. Replace aging public utilities and pavement infrastructure.
  3. Encourage redevelopment and investment in downtown.
  4. Strengthen the connection between the City’s downtown core and the Meeker Mansion.

Virtual Open House - November 15, 2023

The City hosted a Virtual Open House to get feedback from the public about the proposed Festival Street on E Meeker. Thank you to all the residents and visitors who participated in the Open Houses! We will take the feedback into consideration as we develop the conceptual designs. 

We will be hosting more Open Houses in the future. Please check back here for updates.