The Puyallup Police Department is made up of 80 total employees which includes 57 sworn officers, 13 corrections officers and 10 civilian support personnel. The police department is led by the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police and their command staff. The command staff is made up of the chief, deputy chief, three captains each overseeing a division of PPD, one lieutenant who oversees the day-to-day operations at the Puyallup City Jail, an administrative assistant and an administrative secretary. In addition to the administration, the Puyallup Police Department is broken down into three divisions - Operations Division, Criminal Investigations Division and Professional Services Division. 

Operations Division

The Operations Division is the largest division of the police department. Operations consists of one captain, 4 sergeants, 30 commissioned officers and one civilian police support specialist. Responsibility for the following collateral duty assignments falls under the Operations Division: 
  • K9
  • Bicycle Patrol
  • Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)
  • Civil Disturbance Team
  • Lab Team
  • Honor Guard

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is divided into two units, the Major Crimes Unit (MCU) and Special Investigations Unit (SIU). 

  • The Major Crimes Unit is comprised of a detective sergeant and four detectives. These detectives are responsible for follow-up investigations on criminal allegations involving crimes against persons. 
  • The Special Investigations Unit is made up of a detective sergeant, four detectives, one detective assigned to the regional DEA narcotics task force and one civilian property and evidence technician. Detectives assigned to SIU are responsible for the investigation of crimes involving property, fraud, vice and narcotics. 

Professional Services Division

The Professional Services Division consists of an array of units, all of which provide support to the effective and efficient day-to-day operations of the Puyallup Police Department. The division includes the following units: 
  • Puyallup City Jail
  • Traffic Unit
  • Problem Oriented Policing Unit
  • School Resource Officer (SRO)
  • Crime Prevention
  • Records Unit
  • Reserve Unit
  • Police Explorers
  • Public Relations/PIO
  • Internal Affairs
  • Training