Operations and Maintenance

Below is information regarding our Private and Public Stormwater Inspection programs.

Private Stormwater Facility Inspection Program

As part of the NPDES Stormwater Permit Program regulated by the Department of Ecology, the City of Puyallup requires property owners to inspect and maintain stormwater systems on their private property. Private stormwater systems, at businesses and residential developments, are inspected by the city to ensure they are functioning and maintained properly, meet all stormwater maintenance standards, and to verify pollutants are not entering the drainage system or surface waters.
For answers to questions about private stormwater facilities on your property, please contact Bryana Solis at (253) 770-3364 or bsolis@puyallupwa.gov.

Here are some examples of stormwater maintenance facilities: 

Maintaining Your Private Stormwater System

Private stormwater facility owners are responsible for maintaining their systems in accordance with the City of Puyallup Stormwater Site Management plan and the Site Operation and Maintenance Manual (if applicable).
Some systems can be maintained by picking up litter and mowing the facility. Some larger facilities are more difficult to maintain, and a professional may need to be hired. Here is a link to a list of contractors  for your convenience. The City of Puyallup provides a list of contractors for your convenience but makes no recommendation regarding these contractors. 
Property owners are encouraged to obtain at least three bids for each job, check references, and provide the contractor with a copy of the inspection report and site map. This information will save the contractor time and help prepare an accurate bid.  Once a contractor is hired the work should be inspected to ensure compliance with your direction. Contractors may contact the City Inspector if they need clarification on the inspection report.

If you are a contractor that would like to be added to the list or need your information updated, please contact us via email.

Annual Reporting

The maintenance and operation of a private stormwater facility is the responsibility of the property owner(s) in accordance with PMC 21.10.280. The property owner(s) shall maintain a maintenance schedule, and record and log maintenance performed. Operation and maintenance records shall be retained by the property owner for a minimum of three years and submitted to the city's Stormwater Engineering Department annually no later than January 30th for the preceding year’s report and be available to the city for inspection at all reasonable times.

Checklists to be submitted and the annual report can be found below. Your annual inspection compliance report can be submitted through mail, email, or fax the form to the Stormwater Engineering Department.

If you have any questions about submitting your annual compliance report, contact Bryana Solis at 253-770-3364 or bsolis@puyallupwa.gov.


Private stormwater facility owners should print the checklists that apply to their facilities and follow the inspection recommendations and frequencies. The checklists should be used for the maintenance report submitted to the city as required by the maintenance agreement.

Checklists are guidelines to ensure you are maintaining your stormwater facilities properly. If you are unsure of what types of facilities you have on your property, contact our Stormwater Engineering Department.

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