Good Samaritan Hospital Master Plan / Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Good Samaritan Hospital (MultiCare) is proposing a new 10-year Master Plan permit that would govern the future build out and expansion of the campus for the community and regional needs for medical and emergency services. The City of Puyallup will be processing a Master Plan application and is conducting and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The Master Plan permit application and EIS are parallel permit processes with separate and distinct opportunities for public input and review. 

Good Sam
  1. Chris Beale, AICP

    Senior Planner

Project description:

The project includes the expansion of the Good Samaritan Hospital campus, including a new patient care tower (240,000 square feet, 190 new beds), two (2) new medical office buildings (200,000 square feet), central support tower (90,000 square feet), expansion of the existing Emergency Department, added building area and infrastructure related to the campus Central Utility Plant, new off-street parking, utility improvements, street improvements, landscaping, storm water infrastructure and other improvements.    


Master Plan permits are processed through the Planning Commission and are approved by the City Council. Certain projects, like Good Sam Hospital, due to their large site areas, scale of buildings and structures, high trip generation rates, incremental growth over time, unique characteristics and potential impacts to the community, require a special degree of review and opportunity for public comment through the Master Plan process. It is expected that approval of a Master Plan will guide development within the affected project for a period of 10 years. Good Sam had a previously approved Master Plan in 2003, with an amendment in 2007. The previous Master Plan has expired.

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is a separate, parallel review process of the project’s environmental impacts on the community. That process starts with a review of a SEPA environmental checklist. An EIS is “(…) shall provide impartial discussion of significant environmental impacts and shall inform decision makers and the public of reasonable alternatives, including mitigation measures, that would avoid or minimize adverse impacts or enhance environmental quality (WAC 197-11-400)”. The EIS is an administrative permit process. The City of Puyallup will be acting as the Lead Agency for the EIS and will be soliciting input from the public, other public agencies and Tribal Governments on the scope of the EIS and to review the EIS analysis.

Good Sam Site Plan

August, 2023 UPDATE

The EIS consultant is beginning phase 2 analysis of the Draft EIS (DEIS). The analysis is planned to take 7-8 months to complete before the DEIS is released for public review. Traffic counts and analysis is also underway at this time. Please check back to this page for periodic updates. 

APRIL, 2023 update

The project EIS team is kicking off the phase 1 EIS portion of the project review. The Draft EIS is anticipated to be released in spring, 2024. Updates will be posted here periodically. The Planning Commission reviewed the Master Plan proposal on April 26, 2023. See the linked documents above for the memo and PowerPoint presentation.

March, 2023 update

The city is processing the applicant’s proposed master plan. The Master Plan approval will be processed through Planning Commission and City Council approval. Access the permit materials here ( To send any comments, suggestions or to request updates, contact Chris Beale, Senior Planner at

November, 2022 Update

The City of Puyallup has initiated the EIS process for the Good Samaritan Hospital master plan campus and is requesting comments on the scope of the EIS study. The deadline for providing comment is 4pm, Monday, December 19, 2022.