18th Street SW Rain Gardens, September 2010

The dynamic group of the city of Puyallup, Pierce Stream Team, Stewardship Partners and many other local area businesses once again came together to host an equally dynamic environmental stewardship event. The 3rd cluster installation in the City came on a sunny morning, that hung around just long enough for the event on September 18, 2010. In the 800-900 block of 18th Street SW, just east of Clarks Creek and DeCoursey parks, 6 rain gardens were planted along with several residential banks along Clarks Creek.

Other Events

The days events also included many other environmentally-conscience events such as Home Energy Audits sponsored by PSE, a Fish-Friendly Car Washing demonstration by the City, a compost-amending lawn demonstration, and exhibits by several supporting local businesses.

Additional Information

Take a look at photographs of the event or link over to the Google Maps listing of this, and other local rain garden clusters.
  1. Paul Marrinan P.E.

    Senior Civil Engineer