Sound Transit Curb Ramp Improvements

CIP #: 20-011

Project Description:

As part of the Sound Transit parking garage development agreement, Sound Transit contributed funding to the City of Puyallup to complete pedestrian safety improvements. The City will replace approximately 44 existing curb ramps with ADA compliant ramps to improve non-motorized access to the Puyallup Sounder Station and its new parking garage. Additional curb ramps will be replaced with any remaining funds. The below figure shows the boundaries of the project. Replacement of a curb depends on available right-of-way, condition of existing ramp, pedestrian usage, and vicinity to the Sounder Station.

The City has contracted with  AA Asphalting to perform the work. 

Estimated Schedule: Construction is anticipated to start in December 2021 and last about two years. Curb Ramp Web Exhibit

  1. Scott Hill

    Street Supervisor