Fee-in-Lieu Program

The Fee-in-Lieu program is an optional program to allow a fee to be paid in lieu of constructing required frontage improvements.   Puyallup Municipal Code 11.08.135 outlines when frontage improvements adjacent to a developing parcel are required.   There are situations where there are no nearby curb and gutter, and the road is so primitive that it can be difficult to determine how to feasibly construct the road, curb, and gutter so that it can be connected to in the future and effectively drain runoff correctly. In these cases, rather than construct something that might need to be demolished later when future improvements are constructed the property owner can request to use the Fee-in-Lieu program.  

If approved, the city will collect the funds and use them, possibly with other funds collected, to construct pedestrian safety improvements elsewhere in the city which are a higher priority.  Allowing use of the program is also discretionary by the city if the city determines it would be more beneficial to the public to have the frontage improvements built by the property owner along their frontage.

Current Fees 2022:

$ 211.80 per linear foot where no concrete curb exists

$ 105.90 per linear foot where existing curb exists at city standard location

Land subdivisions (formal plats, short plats, or binding site plans) and new commercial/industrial developments will calculate the fee based on the costs of installing the required improvements along the frontage of the development

Requests to use the program can be submitted via written request to the city as part of the development review engineer reviewing your application.   Questions can also be discussed with the development review engineer.

General program questions can be directed to Hans Hunger, City Engineer, via email or 253-435-3640 or Ken Cook, Development Engineering Manager, via email or 253-864-4177