Photo Enforcement

Traffic Light

Did you get a red light ticket? The City of Puyallup has photo enforcement at select intersections in town.  A photo is taken of the vehicle license plate and a notice is mailed to the registered owner's mailing address. You have 18 days from when the notice was issued to either pay the ticket or request a hearing. If you received a notice in the mail, here are your options. 

  1. Pay My Ticket
  2. Request a Mitigation Hearing
  3. Request a Contested Hearing
  4. FAQs

If you choose to pay the fine in full.  You do not need to come to court to do this. By paying, you admit to having committed the infraction. Photo enforcement tickets are NOT reported to the Department of Licensing and do not appear on your driving record. However, failure to pay may result in a hold in renewing your vehicle tabs associated with the license plate noted on the infraction.  You can pay for your ticket either in person, by mail, online, or over the phone. Learn more about how to pay your fine. If you need additional time to pay then you may contact the court by calling (253) 841-5450 or emailing us with your request.  Please provide your infraction # located on the notice to help us better serve you.