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sAFE CommunitySafety and the perceived security of a community directly impact its appeal, livability, and economic stability. The City of Puyallup strives to be a safe place for its residents, businesses, and visitors, with a focus on the areas of law enforcement, crime prevention, and emergency management services.

The City of Puyallup considers public safety as a core competency and it is a high priority in all the services and programs offered by the City. The City trains and prepares for disasters, uses modern technology to improve crime prevention, investigative techniques, and communication, has high emergency response times, and enjoys a low crime rate.

Citizens of all ages participate in a variety of community partnership and outreach programs. School tours, Cones with Cops, Boo-yallup, Brown Bag with Blue, and storytime at the library are some of the popular programs that help foster long-term relationships between the City's youth and the police department. Programs like the Citizens Police Academy and Volunteers In Police Services (VIPS) also help augment the Police Department's capabilities. Community members learn how to recognize, report, and prevent suspicious activity as well as provide crime prevention support for special events and projects.

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KPMThe following key performance measures are used to track and share progress on the Safe Community goal of the City Strategic Plan 2021. For each measure, the metric box indicates its current level and improvement status. Over time we expect to identify and display specific targets to measure progress, where appropriate.

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Strategic Initiatives

  • Training and use of innovative technology: VirTa Virtual Training Simulator & EvidenceOnQ Signature Capture
  • Teen Citizens Academy 
  • Community Outreach to people of color
  • New Public Safety Building education
  • Multi-jurisdictional evacuation exercise