Remote Access 

Remote Hearing Instructions

The following steps will help you access your hearing remotely, either via Zoom or phone. Please review these steps prior to your scheduled hearing.

Joining via Zoom meeting (from a laptop, cell phone, or other electronic device)

1.  Open an internet browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.)

2.  In the address bar type in and then click enter or click Zoom link below.

3.  Type in the meeting ID (provided by the Court) and select ‘Join’

4.  Type in the password (provided by the Court)

5.  If you do not want to download the Zoom App, click ‘Join from your browser’ at the bottom (see example below).  Otherwise, select click here or download & run Zoom.

6.  You will be placed in the Municipal Court Waiting Room.

7.  Upon entry into the hearing, please check that your mic is muted.  Click ‘mute’ if your mic shows a line through it.

NOTE: If you get disconnected, you can restart these steps from the beginning.

Joining the Zoom meeting by phone only

1.  Dial (253) 215-8782

2.  Enter the Meeting ID without spaces or dashes (provided by the court)

3.  Enter the Password (provided by the court)

4.  Record your first and last name

How to Watch Court Hearings - Public Viewing

Zoom hearings are streamed via Youtube. The public can watch the hearings by visiting our Live Stream Court Hearings page here.

Recording is Forbidden

The public can watch the court proceeding, but cannot record it using any audio or video devices. Anyone who records the proceedings, other than the official court reporter, may be held in contempt of court. After the livestream concludes, the Youtube video will be permanently deleted and cannot be accessed. The official record will be the court's own audio recording in the courtroom, which is required.

Electronic Court Orders

The Puyallup Municipal Court uses a program called OCourts to generate electronic court orders. The court will provide defendants a hard copy of their court orders. However, attorneys are required to sign up for OCourts. To sign up for OCourts, please send an email request to Click here to learn more about how to access OCourts.



To file with the Court, the documents should be in the following format:

  • PDF for documents
  • JPG for photos

sent via email to Courts@PuyallupWA.Gov