Rental & Utility Assistance Program

Pierce County Human Services has received funding for rental and utility assistance for tenants impacted by COVID-19 who are behind on rent.

The purpose of the Rental Assistance program is to prevent eviction for Pierce County residents impacted by COVID-19 who are behind on rent. Applicants must qualify as low-income at or below 80% Area Median Income (AMI), but priority will be given to those under 50% AMI. Below is a snapshot of income limits per household:

blue 80 AMI chart

Utilities that are covered under the program include Water, Sewer, Garbage, Electricity, Gas, Fuel Oil, and the Internet.

To qualify for assistance, renters must meet the following:

  • Be renting in Pierce County (homeowners are not eligible)
  • Low income (see the chart above)
  • Be impacted by COVID-19 (ex: loss of job, loss of income, increase in expenses)
  • Behind rent and/or utility bills.

Renters who don't qualify for rental or utility assistance will be referred to the Housing Justice Project for free eviction resolution services. Learn more about Additional services and resources on Pierce County's website. Please read the FAQs below before applying. This project is being supported in part by federal award number ERA0377, awarded to Pierce County by the U.S. Dept. of Treasury.

To apply for Rental & Utility Assistance, a list of documents required to apply, answers to frequently asked questions, and additional resources, please visit the Pierce County Rental Assistance page.

All Frequently Asked Questions and Answers