Redevelopment: AOB Parking Lot

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The AOB (Administrative Office Building) parking lot is the former site of the City Hall administrative offices. The lot is downtown behind the Puyallup Public Library near the intersection of Pioneer Avenue and 3rd Street SW. In 2008, City Hall moved their offices to its current location at 333 S Meridian, demolished the old building, and created a public parking lot with approximately 103 spaces. The City has sold the property to a developer, McBride-Cohen Management Group LLC, who would then redevelop the lot to increase housing options downtown.

  1. Background

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You are probably wondering…why is the City doing this? That is a great question! To fully answer that question, we need to go back 15 years. In 2005, the City engaged in an intensive planning process, commonly called a design charrette, to outline and establish new zoning and design standards for downtown Puyallup. This process involved extensive outreach, including town halls, surveys, interviews with stakeholders, and other methods to engage public sentiment. The end goal was to establish a new vision for downtown, bustling with activity from shoppers, residents, and visitors. Then in 2008, the City of Puyallup was awarded a LIFT grant by the State Department of Commerce. A key objective of this grant award was the redevelopment of downtown, with an emphasis on converting publicly owned surface parking lots into mixed-use, transit-oriented housing.

In 2015, the City created a Comprehensive Plan, which would serve as a roadmap for the City’s long-term planning and development goals.  As part of this process, the City conducted additional community outreach. This included hosting a series of Open Houses as well as creating and sending a survey out to the community. The feedback was compiled and integrated into the Comprehensive Plan as action items.  One of these items was the revitalization of our downtown core. The AOB parking lot redevelopment is a critical step in accomplishing this action item within the Plan.

Downtown Puyallup is the city’s centerpiece, bustling with employees, shoppers, and residents, both young and old. Downtown includes a broad and diverse range of housing types, retail uses, services, office uses and public spaces. It allows more people to live close to transit and enjoy convenient access to many of the places and services they use daily. A walkable, renewed Downtown featuring connected, complete streets, visitor-serving uses, and events provide destination opportunities for residents of Puyallup and the region.

As part of this process, the City understands that redevelopment of the lot may impact our residents and visitors. Especially those who utilize our Puyallup Activity Center and the Puyallup Public Library. In an effort of increasing transparency, we have created this webpage to update our residents on the project. The following sections will be updated as the project progresses. We encourage you to please check back here as more information becomes available.

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Additional City Owned Parking Lots Located in the Downtown Core

City-owned lots that can be used for general use. Additional parking being added in the downtown core as a part of the City's downtown parking strategy currently being assessed. 
Downtown parking lot map