Employment Assistance


WorkSource Pierce is a partnership of state, local, and nonprofit agencies to deliver a wide array of employment and training services for both job seekers and employers. Resources are available to job seekers from all backgrounds, regardless of past work history or educational attainment. Visit their website to get started. 

  • WorkSource Connection - Puyallup (South Hill)
     Address: Pierce County Library (15420 Meridian E)
     Phone: 253-548-3306
  • WorkSource Connection - Sumner
    Address: Pierce County Library (1116 Fryar Ave)
     Phone: 253-548-3306

Pierce County Human Services

Visit the Pierce County Human Services website for a list of employment organizations serving individuals in Pierce County. Resources range from organizations that provide job readiness training and life skills, to those specialized in helping individuals with disabilities or other barriers to employment.


Need unemployment assistance?

  1. What are unemployment benefits?
  2. How do I apply?

Unemployment benefits provide you with temporary income if you lose your job through no fault of your own. The money partly replaces your lost earnings and helps you pay expenses while looking for new work. Benefits are based on a percentage of your previous earnings with a maximum determined by the State. Unemployment benefits are not based on financial need. While you receive benefits, your job is to get back to work as quickly as possible.