Puyallup River FC TMDL

FC? TMDL? When talking about the Puyallup River and several of its tributaries, these acronyms mean that a Water Quality Improvement Project is in order - and Ecology is working on it.

Fecal Coliform (FC)

FC is a bacteria resulting from waste - from animals or humans - in our waters. The sources of FC include leaking septic systems, stormwater runoff, or cross connections in the sewer and stormwater systems. Within the city of Puyallup, Deer Creek has been identified as one of the Puyallup River tributaries that contribute to the elevated levels of FC.

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)

Development of a TMDL enters the picture when regulations are needed to dictate the maximum amount of FC that can be present in the water without affecting the aquatic life or overall water quality.

A Water Quality Project Plan is developed to design and implement activities that will limit the levels of FC in the water, to meet the TMDL. Following the acronyms and process involved here? The sum of the story is: let's protect our water quality. Read more about this Ecology-led project on Ecology's website.