Building Services & Fire Prevention

2021 WA Code Implementation Delay

On May 24, 2023 the State Building Code Council voted to delay the implementation of the 2021 Washington State Building Codes under emergency rule for 120 days starting on June 30, 2023. Click this link for additional details.

Message from our Building Official

If you are a builder, homeowner, design professional, or contractor, you can find key documents here that may help you to speed up the process of building, designing, or remodeling in the community. We hope that these web pages will also encourage the public to learn more about the building procedures and activities that help us to make Puyallup such a fine place to live, work and do business.

Building Services is well known in the building industry as having one of the most qualified staff. As an example, among our seven technical staff members, we have garnered many professional certifications - - each of them requiring successful completion of a four-hour exam. This kind of educational effort put forth by our staff results in better customer service to the public. With this level of expertise, Building Services can accurately and quickly assist developers, architects, engineers, builders, and you to design projects so that they meet all applicable State of Washington codes.

Working with the construction industry as a partner to develop Puyallup is what we are all about, and you are invited to use this website at your convenience to help with your building needs.

Ray Cockerham, Building Code Official
For more information see Ordinance No. 3142