Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Getting Help
  2. Remote Access
  3. Common Questions

Getting Help

The Municipal Court staff is more than happy to help you find answers to your questions. However, by law, we can only help you in certain ways. Before contacting us, please review the following.

What we can do

  • We can tell you how to find laws, court rules and procedures. 
  • We also assist you with court schedules, and how to get something scheduled. 
  • We can give you suggested resources for finding a lawyer and also how to find public information on case files. 
  • We can refer you to court forms, rules, instructions and also sell you copies of public court documents. 
  • We can also tell you how to pay your fines, fees, and outstanding account balances.

What we cannot do

  • We cannot tell you what to say in court, who to sue, and whether or not you should file a case. 
  • We cannot provide legal advice, contact a lawyer on your behalf, or refer you to specific lawyers. 
  • We also cannot tell you how we think your case will turn out. 
  • When filling out legal forms, we cannot tell you how to fill them out, nor can we fill them out on your behalf. 
  • We absolutely cannot change a judge's order nor arrange a private meeting with a judge.