Parks Ambassador Program

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Puyallup Volunteer Parks Ambassador Program

"To provide a safe and healthy environment in Puyallup Parks by  recruiting and training volunteer Park Ambassadors to act as an emissary of the City resulting in the improvement of the park experience for visitors and citizens."

What is a Parks Ambassador?

Anyone who is using the parks can become an Ambassador. Individuals that like hiking, biking, and value a clean park and trails system are excellent candidates.  Volunteers are critical to ensuring that facilities and natural resources in parks and trails are maintained at the highest level. 

The Parks Ambassador program is an all-volunteer program that gives the public an opportunity to promote community stewardship and bridge the communication between the community and our Departments. The Park Ambassador program sends a message that the community cares about its parks.                                                                       

As representatives of the Puyallup  Parks and Recreation Department, Parks Ambassadors exemplify the rules and regulations of the park and set an example for park visitors and guests.

Ambassadors assist Parks and Recreation, the Police Department, and the Fire Department to provide safe and enjoyable parks monitoring park activities, assisting visitors with directions, parking, park rules, and basic first aid to promote and ensure positive experiences while using City Parks and Trails.

How do I become a Parks Ambassador?

All volunteers must be ages 21 or older; provide a basic first-aid certificate; fill out a full applicant questionnaire; undergo a background check, and have a face-to-face interview with Parks Ambassador Supervisors.  Parks Ambassadors are encouraged to work as many hours as they would like.  Ambassadors will email program supervisors with reports and/or concerns.

Applicants are required to attend a volunteer orientation and safety training prior to becoming a Parks Ambassador.  Ambassadors may be asked to attend follow-up training or community updates as needed.

Consider joining our Parks Ambassador Team!  Your contribution of time and energy will help us to protect our wonderful green spaces and you’ll go home with a sense of pride at having participated in something worthwhile. 

Puyallup City Parks are YOUR parks!  If you use them, why not help maintain them, help create a welcoming and friendly environment for your fellow citizens and be extra ‘eyes and ears’ for City staff to ensure a safe visit for everyone.

Fill out the Parks Ambassador Program Application found here.  Applications can be sent to Tyler Eidson at 808 Valley Ave NW, Puyallup, WA 98371.  For questions or to email your application, email Tyler Eidson. 

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Click below for the Ambassador Brochure and Application