Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management is part of the City's Engineering Department, in the Office of the City Engineer.The Stormwater Management section implements programs and projects to meet permit requirements including:

  • Manage the City's NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permit
  • Design and construct stormwater-related capital projects
  • Local Source Control outreach to small businesses
  • Private stormwater facility management program
  • Educational outreach to residents on stormwater, rain gardens, stream health, and more


As part of a one-day study, residents located near Clarks Creek in Puyallup may notice a red dye in the water on Wednesday, August 5th. No need to worry! This dye is not harmful to public health, fish or the aquatic environment and will dilute as travels downstream. It is part of the dye tracer study Pierce County is conducting to help measure and track the movement of water downstream. The first phase of this testing was completed on May 27th, earlier this year.  The results of the two studies will be compared to evaluate the impact of the Elodea (an Aquatic plant) harvesting on creek flow velocity and water surface elevation, and to support ongoing analyses of water quality in Clarks Creek. More information  at

Door Knocker Notice

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  1. Report A Spill
  2. NPDES Program
  3. Water Quality & Flood Control
  4. Current Stormwater Projects
To report a spill or illicit discharge into a catch basin or other area of the stormwater system, please call (253)770-3336. Read more.