Master Permit Document List

This is a master list of the applications, forms, and informational brochures the Development Services and Development Engineering Divisions maintain.

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  1. Submittal Item Waiver

A submittal item waiver is a required for any submittal items that have been deemed as "not required" by a review staff member and is authorized only under specific circumstances. An e-mail written by a review staff member that confirms an item may be waived is required before submitting a submittal item waiver form and is required to be attached to the waiver form you submit as well. The submittal item waiver is required to be submitted in place of each waived item when submitting your application through the CityView Portal. 

When will the applicant receive these emails from review staff? 
Review staff are required to send submittal item waiver emails as follow ups to conversations with potential applicants or existing applicants if they confirm for the applicant that their future permit will have particular submittal items waived. This documentation is required in order to document these conversations so that the Permit Center staff has confirmation upon intake that the waiver has been authorized by staff and so that the waivers will be put in the permit record.

Who will be sending these submittal item waiver emails? 
 Any review staff member who is authorized to review permit applications.

Who will submit the attached submittal item wavier form?
The applicant will submit the actual form and attach the required email or other document proving a staff member has authorized a waiver.

Submittal items not eligible for a waiver:

  • Application Form
  • Site Plan
  • Vicinity Map
  • Construction Plan Set
  • Civil Plan Set
  • Construction SWPPP
  • Engineering Cost Breakdown Fee Calculation
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
  • GeoTech Report
  • Landscape Plan with Utility Overlay
  • Stormwater Report
  • Certificate of Insurance/CG2012
  • Letter of Intent for Latecomer Application
  • Petition for ROW Vacation Form
  • Plumbing Fixture Worksheet for Commercial, Industrial, and Multi Family Projects
  • Radio Frequency NIER Report
  • Sewer & Water Adequacy Form from TPCHD
  • Sewer Availability
  • Small Cell Site Submittal Documents
  • Soils Report
  • Street Obstruction Bond
  • Survey
  • TPCHD Approval for Septic System
  • Traffic Scoping Worksheet
  • Traffic Study/Scoping Documents
  • Underground Tank Installation Documents
  • Water Availability
  • WSDOT or County ROW Permit
  • WSDOT-Approved Site Plan
  • WSDOT-Approved Traffic Control Plan
  • Master Plan
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